ISYS Enterprise Server

ISYS Enterprise Server 10.1

It is the engine that powers a number of database-driven applications

Operating as a powerful infrastructure component capable of federating across your mission-critical business applications, ISYS Enterprise Server functions as a vital layer in your technology stack. Delivering high performance, scalability and capacity, ISYS Enterprise Server is the engine that powers a number of database-driven applications, including those used for e-commerce, email archiving, data analysis and more.

ISYS Enterprise Server empowers your line-of-business applications with best-in-class indexing, querying and content mining capabilities. Leverage two decades of technological innovation and proven leadership in federated search applications. It has the ability to virtually aggregate data across popular enterprise formats, from office documents, emails and databases to enterprise systems such as Documentum, Symantec Enterprise Vault, HP TRIM and more.

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